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Zac Kyaw Myint Tin – Eating in Myanmar at Your Fingertips

Zac Kyaw Myint Tin is the founder of GoOutz – an app with a mission to help to find the great places to enjoy perfect meals with friends and family in Yangon, Myanmar.

Human Asia eagerly spoke to Zac recently.

How did the idea of GoOutz first came into being? Tell us about the start-up journey.

Zac: This idea started with personal experience. My co-founder and I are currently staying in Singapore and often fly back to Yangon for short visits. From then, we realized that there are not many places that we can find ourselves unless someone tells where and how to get there. We cannot get Google’s help due to the weak information infrastructure in Myanmar. Locations of shops are not precise and most of the contacts you see online are no longer valid. So we decided to come up with something that everyone – not only the locals, but also non-locals – can rely on.

So what is GoOutz’s unique selling point?

Zac: We provide the best user-friendly (UI/UX) platform that targets both locals and non-locals. We provide hotspots and popular cuisine spots based on verified locations, addresses and precise contact numbers. Also we are currently developing some functions to come up with an e-marketplace food chain where users can purchase meals affordably and reduce food wastage in Yangon.

You won the ASEAN RICE BOWL START UP AWARDS 2017. How has that helped? 

Zac: We were surprised that GoOutz has won best e-Commerce / Supply Chain startup award for Myanmar. We just want to highlight that it opened new opportunities and experiences for us. At this moment, we haven’t really worked to seek out investors yet. We are on our own funding as for now.

What is the average traffic in a day at GoOutz? 

Zac: Estimate is  500 – 800 organic traffic per day and we have stopped digital marketing. Mostly, high traffic occurs on weekends where we receive almost 2000 visitors. Restaurant owners can work with us if their restaurants want to be featured and reviewed on our premium list, GoOutz’s Picks. Users can post reviews and photos on individual shops that they visited.

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What are the most interesting features on GoOutz that you like users to know about?

Zac: 1) Accurate and efficient information of shops in town. 2) Function to locate near-by shops. 3) Allow users to review and upload photos

What difference do you expect to see in the food culture trends in Myanmar?

Zac: As Myanmar’s businesses and food chains are growing rapidly, tons of hotel, restaurants and bars keep opening month after month. We would like to improve on food culture that discourages throwing away leftover food. 

Zac, please tell us a little about yourself, educational and professional background and how you met your co-founder.

Zac: I was born in Yangon (Myanmar) and studied abroad in Singapore and now chasing a Master of Business in IT degree. I am currently working full-time as Chief Technology Officer at GrabJobs headquarter. Me and my co-founder Jasmine May Sabai were introduced by a mutual friend five years ago. She has a Business IT and Management background, and we had similar ideas and have good chemistry.  For instance, we have the same interest to control food wastes and building a sustainable food system. This is how GoOutz was founded after many sessions of brainstorming.

Why did you decide to become an entrepreneur and what do you think about being an entrepreneur in Asia especially Myanmar?

Zac: I was always thinking “what can I do for my country? How can I let everyone have effortless and affordable meals?”. Then I decided to start GoOutz. Be an entrepreneur in Myanmar is not easy since traditional culture does not accomodate for modern changes.

In your opinion, what are the keys to entrepreneurial success?

Zac: Curiosity, passion, hard-work and dedication.

Any parting words of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs out there from your personal experience?

Zac: Keep exploring things and take initiative without hesitation.



You can visit GoOutz at https://www.gooutz.com/

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