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Ai Ching Goh – Visually Impactful Communication

Ai Ching Goh is the co-founder of Piktochart - an easy-to-use design tool to help users create engaging infographics from their information data. Human Asia...

Steve Munroe – Remote Working in Paradise

Steve Munroe is the Co-founder & CEO of Hubud - a coworking space and community that’s leading the global movement of location independence in...

Saki Kobayashi – on Traveldoor and alleviating poverty through entrepreneurship

Traveldoor is a travel app created by a team of startup entrepreneurs in Singapore. It is one of the brightest startup ideas in the region.

Tyson Adams – Humanizing Coffee in Laos

Tyson Adams is the founder of Jhai Coffee House - the world’s first completely philanthropic coffee roaster & café, located at the source in...

Piriya Tantrativud – A New Vision for Eyewear in Thailand

Piriya Tantrativud is the co-founder and CMO of Glazziq - an online shop that sells high-quality eyeglasses with advanced lenses, stylish glasses that people can...

Huwaida & Ying – Telling Stories from the Heart

Huwaida Ishaaq and Jia Ying Chia is the co-founder duo of Heartwrite Co. - an independent publishing and communications company in Brunei. Human Asia eagerly...

Zac Kyaw Myint Tin – Eating in Myanmar at Your Fingertips

Zac Kyaw Myint Tin is the founder of GoOutz - an app with a mission to help to find the great places to enjoy perfect...

Hai Ho – Offering “Triip” of a kind

Hai Ho is the founder of Triip - a global blockchain travel platform that enables travelers to enjoy amazing private tours passionately crafted by...

Nguyen Thi Huong Lien – Bike Tours With A Female Touch

Nguyen Thi Huong Lien is the founder and CEO of 'I Love Hue Tour' - a tour company that operates motorbike tours which are driven by...

Guilherme Faria – Shaking Startup Recruitment in Manila

Guilherme Faria is the co-founder of Penbrothers - a leading offshore recruitment, payroll and office space provider with cool office spaces located around metropolitan...

Sotha Veng – SMS Gateway in Cambodia

Sotha Veng is the CEO of PlasGate - an enterprise communication solution company in Cambodia which focuses on SMS Gateway and IP PBX/Call Center. Human...

Regi Wahyu – Securing Food Through Blockchain

Regi Wahyu is the founder of HARA - a data sharing platform for the food and agriculture sector. Human Asia spoke to Regi...
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