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Prana Lim – Pet Societies

Prana Lim is the founder of Pet Societies - an online market for pet products in Indonesia that introduces traditional retailers to online customers....

Stevan Mandagi – Passion + Travel = Business

Stevan Mandagi is the founder and owner of Tour Jogja, a customized travel tours website that offers travelers to explore the ancient Indonesian city...

Jamon Mok – Helping People in Poverty Become Entrepreneurs

Backstreet Academy is helping people in poverty gain independence by teaching their arts and craft skills to tourists. Founded by Singaporean Jamon Mok in 2014, Backstreet...

Razi Thalib on love, marriage, and

Local boy Razi Thalib is on a mission to save the single men and women of Indonesia. Not just another Tinder, focuses on serious users who...

Kaodim and Getting Things Done…Fast!

Kaodim is an online service provider in Malaysia that allows you to hire workers within minutes. Launched in 2014, Kaodim allows users to hire an...

Jeffrey Siy – The Go-To Man for Overseas Stuff

A self-admitted accidental entrepreneur who feels guilty about taking holidays, Jeffrey Siy wants to turn Galleon into the go-to site for Filipinos wanting to...

Dr. Alvin Chan and The Brain Game

Dr. Alvin Chan finds a solution to reduce cognitive decline with his wearable tech gadget, Neeuro. Funded via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo , the Senzeband...

Roman Sukharenko – On Healthy, Ethical, and Sustainable Companies

SickBubble helps people find and connect with healthy and sustainable businesses in Malaysia. Human Asia caught up with SickBubble founder to ask him what this is...

Thach Le – spreading the kebab message in Vietnam

One man is trying to single-handedly spread the message of kebab throughout Vietnam. Human Asia has this exclusive interview with Thach Le, the man behind...

Jonathon Tse -Shaking Up the Textbook Market in Singapore

A disruptor in the textbook industry, Zookal has changed the way students rent textbooks, and helped them save money in the process. For higher education...

Michael Cluzel and Pumin Yuvacharuskul – Eatigo

The online food app connects hungry customers with empty tables at restaurants, with discounts. Human Asia was honored to interview Michael and Pumin for this article. Tell...

Darren Gouk and Malaysia’s Learning Marketplace

Connecting teachers and students, A-One Learning aims to be Malaysia's leading online learning marketplace. Human Asia caught up with A-One Learning's founder Darren Gouk. We believe...
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