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Tini Zainudin – Protecting the Rights of All at-risk Children and Teens

Yayasan Chow Kit in Malaysia is a 24-hour crisis and drop-in centre providing meals, activities, therapy, case management, and educational programmes for at-risk children of Chow...

Alexander Bychkov – Blockchaining Bananas in Laos

Alexander Bychkov is the co-founder and CEO of Bananacoin - the world’s first blockchain option for participating in the production of organic bananas in Vientiane province,...

Tengku Syamil and the Crowdfunding of Education

Tengku Syamil is the co-founder of SkolaFund - the crowdfunding platform which aims to make university education more affordable for students across Asia. Human Asia...

Danilo Rostrata – The Online Publisher’s Friend

Danny Rostrata is the founder of Audra - an online platform that allows publishers across all genres to produce creative solutions online. Human Asia eagerly...

Borima Chann – Delivering More Than Promised

Borima Chann is the founder of NHAM24, an online food delivery app that makes life convenient for Cambodians. Human Asia talks to Borima recently. How did...

Robert Duc Nguyen – When Virtual Became A Reality in Vietnam

Robert Duc Nguyen is the founder of Mimoza and Gothere - a pioneer in the field of virtual reality in Vietnam helping businesses and...

Taylor Phoo – Tutoring An Emerging Nation

Taylor Phoo is a co-founder and CEO of MMTutors, an online marketplace where high school students can find the best tutors in Myanmar. Human Asia...

Bond Thaiyanurak – Southeast Asia’s Laundromat

Bond Thaiyanurak is the founder of WashBox24, a 24-hour laundry locker and delivery app. Human Asia caught up with Bond to understand more about the...

Barry Saiff – Documenting Solutions

Barry Saiff is an American-born founder of Saiff Solutions - a management consultancy based in the Philippines that provides technical documentations and other solutions. Human...

Michael Gani – Building Blocks Digitally

Michael Gani is the founder of - a marketplace that allows people to find architects, contractors, and building suppliers. How did the idea for...

Kendra Liew – the grateful serial entrepreneur

Kendra Liew is the serial entrepreneur behind the KatFood and PONIYOGI brands. Human Asia talks to her about what fuels her drive to achieve success. Tell...

Somsack Sengta – East meets West in the Blue Lagoon

Somsack Sengta is the founder and owner of Blue Lagoon Restaurant - an upscale European dining in the heart of Luang Prabang, Laos. We...
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