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Borima Chann – Delivering More Than Promised

Borima Chann is the founder of NHAM24, an online food delivery app that makes life convenient for Cambodians.

Human Asia talks to Borima recently.

How did the idea for NHAM24 come about?

Borima: I have been passionate about e-commerce and technology for a long time. While in college, I heard about Amazon.com selling books online and I knew that if books could be sold online, anything could. I committed to a goal back then : the e-commerce! But for some reason, I didn’t do anything about it and I was stuck in a successful career for almost 20 years.

During that time, it happened to me quite often that when I wanted to drink my favorite coffee or eat my favorite food at work, it was not possible without having to leave the office. I also noticed that the food and beverage sector had grown significantly in the last several years. And the middle and upper class sometimes use two or even three smartphones. I knew the time had come. So I decided to quit my handsomely paying job to introduce the very first mobile food ordering app in the country and we called it NHAM24.

What is the meaning behind the name?

Borima: NHAM is Eat in Khmer and we planned to serve 24 hours but currently we can only do so from 8 AM to 9 PM given that most restaurants are closed by 9 PM. We monitor the demand and supply carefully and we will extend our service as we see fit.

What differentiates NHAM24 from your competitors?

Borima: We have a great big team and we work quite well supporting each other to provide excellent customer service to our large and growing customer base. We know the local market quite well. We strive for constant improvement, innovation, and expansion in our customer care, technology and service offerings. Our everyday favorite question is “how do we serve our customers better” not “how can we be better than our competitors”.

What new services or features do you intend to provide in the near future?

Borima: We are at an early stage of a long journey. Recently we introduced “NHAM24 Fresh” for online grocery and we are expanding to key provinces. Laundry and flower delivery will be added shortly and there are more to come.

What have been the biggest challenges faced and also the greatest success experienced so far?

Borima: We set the bar very high for customer satisfaction and achieving it is quite challenging for everyone in the company. Despite some areas for improvement, our customers appreciate our service and effort. They help spread the words by recommending their friends and family to use our services. We have so many loyal customers supporting us from our early days until now.

What do you think about the current and future trend for online food-delivery platforms in Cambodia?

Borima: The market continues to grow. The list of players will get even longer and may include the regional players as well. However food delivery operation is very complex and generate very small margin unlike food delivery services in other countries which could charge higher fees from both listing restaurants and the delivery service.

What is the long-term goal for NHAM24?

Borima: We want Cambodia to have its own world-class e-commerce platform empowering individuals and businesses to get online and do business with the world.

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Borima, please tell us more about yourself, your background and what you were doing before founding NHAM24.

I hold a masters degree in business from Charles Stuart University and have a 19-plus years of working experience with a leadership roles in various corporations like British American Tobacco, Coca Cola, Mfone Telecom, PSI Social Marketing Organization, and my last job was with Innotality 5-star hotel in Siem Reap.

How does your background help you with NHAM24?

Borima: We leverage on our large network for merchant recruitment as well as generating customer referral. It’s a complete different in the way I did marketing for a large corporation with million-dollar budget. For a startup, it’s completely different.

Experience has given me the skill and knowledge to do less for more. We only focus on what really maters for our customers. In stead of going on mass media, we choose to drive for better execution and giving customers a good experience using our service.

Has there been a time that you felt like quitting?

Borima: Nope! We love what we do and work tirelessly to make it work. We made mistake but we fixed it, we tried new things and did not work and dropped it and move on to new things.

Advice to young entrepreneurs in Cambodia and other countries?

Borima: I’m a big believer in “doing what you love” so you can work tirelessly to realize your dream. When running a company, no matter how great the plan and strategy is, what really matters is how great the execution is and that is what matters the most to the customers.

Visit NHAM24 at https://nham24.com/

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