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Our Mission

Human Asia is on a mission to shine the spotlight on the booming ESG investment and Startup sectors in Asia.

Asian ESG investments

ESG-focused fund inflows into Asia are growing rapidly, but investing is filled with risks given the region’s diversities and historical inequalities.

The lack of universal standards in ESG means that investors can’t copy-paste their global knowledge, but must develop a more bespoke approach in the region.

Most current global ESG policies also lack structure and definition of what counts as ESG investing, and a robust mechanism to assess companies that claim to be adhering to ESG principles.

Human Asia will help investors, both institutional and retail, through this maze and make the right decisions by uncovering the best ESG investments within the Asian markets.

Asian startups

We also want to shine the spotlight on emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in the region.

In Southeast Asia alone, startups in 2020 raised over $8 billion, about four times more than they did in 2015.

The region has become an attractive market for US and Chinese tech firms.

Internet penetration in Southeast Asia stands at 70%, higher than the global average, but it wasn’t until the pandemic that adoption of digital services such as e-wallets and online shopping took off.

Our vision is to attract investments into the Asian region by matching startups with potential investors.

We want to speak to you

If your company is ESG-focused or a startup based in Asia, and want to get featured on our website – send us an email at this address:



The Human Asia Team