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Franky See – Charity Begins Where the Heart is

Great Heart Charity Association in Malaysia aims to provide substantial help to people who are less fortunate. The ultimate goal is to assist them to be self-sufficient and be able to contribute back to the society.

Established in year 2010, Great Heart Charity Association is on a mission to be the ultimate charity platform of choice to connect contributors, volunteers, and beneficiaries with the end result being making charitable giving a part of everyone’s life.

They provide assistance to the beneficiaries in two key aspects – in the form of financial aid, as well as emotional support to enable them to be self-sufficient.

Franky See, the foundation’s founder, will continue to strive and focus on the human factor in handing out services to help the deserving underprivileged groups.

Human Asia has the following exclusive interview with Franky.

Tell us about how you started Great Heart Charity.

Franky: The founding of Great Heart Charity and my journey into the realm of charity was born from the bottom of my heart and is a testimony to the successful conquering of oneself into becoming a better person. All that I have contributed is not for self-satisfaction but is purely a desire to bring more positive energy into society. Encouraging others to do good will give the wider community a humble look at one’s life.

Why is that mission important to you personally?

Franky: If a person holds the belief that being good is the foundation of his life and everything he has done is based on the premise of benefiting all beings, then naturally charity has become the mission of this person’s life. I strongly believe that charity is a way of life and that we should live life with no regrets. Thus, my life journey now is all about influencing and inspiring others to take up the belief in transforming life and helping others become better by serving in charity.

Which programs take up most of your time and the organization’s resources?

Franky: My time at Great Heart Charity Association is currently more occupied with strategic planning and steering the overall direction that our organisation is heading to.

I research, observe, and engage with various leaders from other non-profits to understand their approaches towards tackling social issues, and see where best we could possibly strategize to emulate or collaborate with them, so that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel for things that are already working. I also speak to potential funders to gather their backing in supporting our various charity programs.

Meanwhile, our Hand-in-Hand Charity Program takes up our organisation’s resources the most, as it caters to some of the neediest underprivileged groups that we are serving, from urban poor families and individuals undergoing kidney dialysis treatments, to Orang Asli villagers (the indigenous people of Malaysia) living in the rural areas deep in the jungles.

The plight of underprivileged families rarely receive the same amount of attention or exposure from the media as they hardly have access to these channels to highlight their predicament. Therefore, we reach out to this target group by allocating funds and resources to mitigate some of their burden such as groceries support or medical aid subsidy, with volunteers being attached to each family under the program to take care of their needs.

Meanwhile, the Orang Asli is the indigenous people of Malaysia and is among one of the poorest communities in the country. Most are staying in villages deep in the jungle with no access to electricity or clean water supply due to accessibility constraint. We have been arranging for medical check-up sessions for the villagers, and also assist them with access to water supply by building wells and roads for some of the villages.

What do you think your beneficiaries would say about your foundation?

Franky: I think there are many contributors and beneficiaries who have the impression that we are a young and energetic team that provides them with warmth and hope. I believe that the most valuable thing about us is that many people can deeply feel and relate to our pure motivation in doing good.

What have been the greatest challenges you have encountered in this journey?

Franky: There are two on-going greatest challenges that we are still encountering, one on our charity mission front, and another in terms of our operations and management.

In terms of our mission to assist our targeted beneficiary, the greatest challenge is that we need to look at each of the families and individuals that we are supporting on a case-by-case basis to evaluate the type of assistance that is required or suitable for them, as each family’s situation is unique and therefore requires planning and arrangement to cater specifically for each case.

Some may be currently undergoing medical or physiotherapy treatment and requires emotional support to encourage them to continue their treatment, in addition to the medical subsidy provided. Some may be needing advice and assistance in improving their life situation by starting up a new career or setting up a small business stall.

All these require specific recommendations after we have assessed the respective family or individual’s strengths and skill sets to come up with a plan that is tailored for them. For example, we tried to link up one of the families that has sewing skills with potential freelance job from the corporate sector, while assisted another with baking skills to market their biscuits during the Chinese New Year festival. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for each family or individual and we will need to be resourceful in offering advice and assistance to each of the cases under our care.

In terms of our operations and management, our greatest challenge is in securing sufficient donation or sponsorship so that we can continue to extend our services.

We manage our funding needs based on a 12 months projection basis, where funds raised for the current year will determine the budget available for the following year. Support from the public has not been easy to come by, especially in the current economic situation, but we found that people are still willing to pour in their support for a good cause, when they are able to see the cause that they are supporting will help the society in the long run.

That is why we gather support from donors by building trust, transparency, and accountability. We make the progress of all our charity projects and programs known to the public through publishing quarterly reports, and also make our financial statements readily available to the public.

Where do you see Great Heart Charity in the next few years?

Franky: For me, this is not that important. I believe that if we practice being humble in our hearts and actions, without setting limits, the ideals that we want to achieve will naturally be higher and farther than what we set out to achieve. Perhaps one day when you encounter Great Heart Charity again, we will still be in the same size and structure; or perhaps one day in the future, you could even be one part of us.

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We want to find out more about Franky See

Franky, please tell us more about yourself.

Franky: I am very much like everyone else, always striving to pursue my own beliefs and trying hard to validate it. Even today, I firmly believe that I am not a person who has never encountered any problem in life. Nor am I a knowledgeable scholar or a great thinker. I am the kind of person who will live life as much as I can, and who have been so thankful for everything that life has given to me.

Speaking of hard work, how do you balance running Great Heart Charity with your personal life?

Franky: I always feel that a successful person must be able to master and balance many aspects of his life and abilities. For example, his career, his charity deeds, his family, his life, his friends, society, etc. The most basic factor is to maintain the correct values and be in the right frame of mentality to face everything that happens. We will have to balance out and evaluate based on available choices, as sometimes, it is difficult to achieve the best of both worlds.

What is your real-life super power?

Franky: I believe it is having confidence and faith in my own life as well as in life itself. Everything starts with good thoughts and the ability to treat people with sincerity in order to create what I have today.

Can you share the lessons you have learnt while building this charity?

Franky: All things will not have necessarily played out as per how we planned it to be, but we must strive to do our best. We must learn to accept reality and results with an open heart, with the belief that the outcome attained is the best arrangement possible. I believe that although charity is a project to help people, it must also undergo hardships and trials in order to strengthen itself and develop soundly. This process will enable us to grow and gradually gain the trust of the public, and ultimately benefiting the underprivileged community that we serve in the long run.

What advice would you give to people who want to start foundations similar to yours?

Franky: First of all, I am convinced that everyone is born with a good heart, filled with love and kindness. Those of you who want to walk the path of charity are praiseworthy. I think they all must have their own firm sets of beliefs and values to guide their organisations. In the face of setbacks, we must persist in our efforts, persevere to the end, and continuously educate the society on the need to spread kindness and love.

Thank you, Franky.

Visit Great Heart Charity Association : https://www.greatheartcharity.org.my/

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